Enterbay 1/6 Sculpture Collection – Michael Jordan

Product Description

  • 1/6 Sculpture Collection – Michael Jordan (Bronze Color)
  • Price: USD$230
  • Expected Delivery: End of Quarter 1, 2018

Terms and Conditions

  1. This limited edition product applies to ENTERBAY online store registration, the list of successful applicants of the E-PASS will be selected/drawn randomly via the computer system at the end of the registration period. ENTERBAY reserves the right to refuse, limit or cancel a reservation if ENTERBAY determines that a customer has provided misleading or fraudulent information and/or abused, disrupted or attempted to circumvent the reservation system.
  2. Registration form is not allowed to be amended once submitted.
  3. Successful applicants will get an email confirmation of purchase.
  4. All information collected will be deleted automatically after the activity.
  5. Anyone who submitted application is regarded as accepting and agreeing on the above terms and conditions including this one. If there is any violation, ENTERBAY has the right to disqualify him or her from participating in the registration for 1/6 Sculpture Collection – Michael Jordan E-PASS.
  6. ENTERBAY reserve the right to change or terminate the terms above anytime.
  7. In case of despite, ENTERBAY reserves the right of final decision.


  • 1/6 Sculpture Collection – 米高佐敦雕像 (仿銅色)
  • 售價:港幣$1,488
  • 預計發貨日期:2018年第一季尾


  1. 此產品適用於ENTERBAY 網店會員登記,獲發E-通行證(E-PASS) 名單將於本活動登記期結束後以電腦系統自動發放。 如果ENTERBAY確定客戶提供了誤導或欺詐信息和/或濫用, 中斷或試圖規避預訂系統,ENTERBAY保留拒絕, 限制或取消預訂的權利。
  2. 提交登記後不得修改。
  3. 一經確認,閣下將會收到電郵通知購買詳情。
  4. 是次收集的所有資料將在活動結束後自動刪除。
  5. 任何提交登記的申請人均被視為接受並同意上述條款和條件,包括此項。如果有任何違規行為,ENTERBAY有權取消申請人的登記。
  6. ENTERBAY保留隨時更改或終止條款的權利。
  7. ENTERBAY保留最終決定權。